Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well head rupture with one fatality in Maurice, LA

Hi All,

Today, a natural gas well head ruptured today in Maurice resulting in one fatality and one injury.

We will hear all kinds of rhetoric, human error, old pipes or valves,etc,

The bottom line is, Mr. Dana Gramm's, heavenly prediction that an "accident will not happen!" is full of raw sewage. Daily we see accidents happen in all types of industry.

Even with meticulous planning there is always the unexpected, Murphy's Law. Millions of catastrophic accidents have happened due to arrogance.

The powers that be can be as safe as they want to be but if an accident happens it's too late for those that are the collateral damage. There does not need to be collateral damage. If greed supercedes the choice of protecting life and environment, then all those that partake in that movement have taken the road on the dark side.

I would like to note that no one needed to be evacuated from this incident since the company states they are very rural. I am not sure of how distant the nearest neighbor is. Unlike the 4000 residents who live within one mile of the Jefferson Islnd natural gas storge and plant.

There are numerous questions to ponder. I believe the state is supposed to assure testing is done every two years to assure everything is functioning properly, but....

So, so much for that little poof that goes up into the sky....

In the meantime how many issues are at one little location at the Jefferson Island Salt Dome. The very real possibility of aquifer contamination...explosions...gas releases...surface water contamination...we could go on and on but don' worry, it's perfectly safe!!!


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